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VIDEO - Deniz Yilmaz wants to make Schiedam more inhabitable

Tekst retrieved from SCHIE - translated

"The housing market in both the Netherlands and Schiedam is still very strained. Simply put, there is a lot of demand and not enough supply. This is driving prices to unprecedented heights. This does not only apply to owner-occupied houses, but also certainly to rental properties. In addition, many rental properties are often in very poor condition and overcrowded. Labour migrants from Eastern Europe live in large numbers in one house. For a limited number of square metres, they often have to pay extortionate prices to slum landlords. Not to mention the accompanying nuisance. For Schiedam municipality, this is a headache. The company Ocean Group has been operating in Schiedam as a real estate investor/developer for over three years. The company remediates, buys, demolishes, rebuilds and renovates houses which it then re-lets at a reasonable price. They have already refurbished some 45 rental properties. And it doesn't stop there. Managing director Deniz Yilmaz tells what the further plans are to make Schiedam more habitable."

From SCHIE (20 March 2021)


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