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Ocean Group stands for a steady long-term vision. Our approach is thorough and is characterized by clear agreements and qualitative management. The latter manifests itself in the way we work, qualitative management is the common thread throughout our organization.

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Ocean Group mainly invests in real estate spread across the Randstad region. We own residential and commercial properties in, among others, The Hague and Rotterdam and the suburbs surrounding these cities.


Real estate is usually developed in order to be subsequently held as a final investment. Management is also carried out by our own management organisation.


We mainly specialise in the (re)development of real estate. This includes the transformation of outdated/empty offices into modern living spaces.


But also (demolition-) new construction projects, where an old building entirely makes way for a newly constructed one, are part of our activities.


Sustainability and liveability are always the starting points.

What we do:

Real Estate investment

Real Estate development

Management & Rentals

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