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Ocean Group invests mainly in residential real estate (houses, studios, apartments) and to a limited extent also in commercial real estate. These are mainly functional and current properties, located in the Randstad conurbation and intended for long-term use by private individuals and companies.

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Ocean Group

Ocean Group has been active in the real estate market since 2010.

Ocean Group includes a number of subsidiaries, including a development branch and a management and rental branch.

Our core activities consist of the purchase, development, financing, management, rental and renovation of real estate. Mainly apartments, intended for long-term use by private individuals. A conscious choice has been made to invest in ready-to-enter mid-range apartments, as the risk profile associated with these types of real estate is relatively low.


Due to the extensive investment portfolio and the historically healthy returns, there is no need to trade or divest property on a regular basis. This allows the organization to be fully committed to its core tasks, being the purchasing, letting and managing of real estate. 


Ocean Group strives for consistent and organic growth. Within this growth strategy, qualitative management, healthy returns and sustainability are very prominent focus points that we take into account.


The team

From 2010 on Deniz has focused on the real estate sector; thus Ocean Group was founded. Deniz is responsible for the acquisition of new projects and has extensive experience in the development and transformation of real estate.


In addition, his background as a chartered accountant (RA) makes him an excellent discussion partner for financial parties. Deniz studied Business Administration at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

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Project Manager C&M

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