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Ocean Group bets on affordable rental homes in Schiedam

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"SCHIEDAM - In the Westfrankelandsestraat in Schiedam, 11 new homes will be completed by the end of this year. These flats have been under renovation for several months with the aim of delivering sustainable, tidy homes for Schiedam's hard-working middle-class residents. The Schiedam municipality is also committed to addressing the growing shrinkage of available housing. To meet this need, several new residential areas will be developed within the city. This will make the housing supply more varied and increase the quality of urban space.

For many hard-working starters and smaller households, it is a familiar problem: you cannot rent social housing because your income is too high. Then the only option left is to buy a house. The market is so tight these days that it is hard to find a house to buy. When you fall between shore and ship like that, it feels like there are few options for you. This is where Ocean Group wants to bring change. They want to offer fully renovated and preserved rental homes for exactly this group of hard-working Schiedammers.

Schiedam was a logical choice for Ocean Group after years of expanding its portfolio in the Haaglanden region. In The Hague, they developed projects such as transforming business premises into housing. These homes are all let to the middle segment. This is done in cooperation with the municipality and housing corporations.

Ocean Group focuses on the growth market of starters and small households in the large and medium-sized cities in the Randstad. These are households, mostly couples, who are in the process of building a career, possibly combining work and study, and in need of a rich social life. For this target group, the presence of good amenities (shopping centres, public transport and recreational facilities) is important. Educational institutions such as colleges and universities and work locations must also be easily accessible.

Ocean Group's properties are offered to private individuals. This is because Ocean Group does not want to rent to employment agencies or secondment agencies: "We prefer the hard-working Schiedammer, who is looking for a home that is tip-top in order and also affordable. Our properties are always refurbished and unfurnished before we offer them to our tenants. This creates a huge attraction among starters, as well as families and the elderly"."

From (16 December 2020)


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